Monday, December 6, 2010

The Money Extractor

The Money Extractor Software Review

The Money Extractor is a brand new piece of software that truly limits your offer by creating a limited time period offer. This offer period counts down right before your visitor eyes, and creates urgency to buy like nothing else.

The Money Extractor it's the first software of it's exactly what it does..

1.It allows the user to have a "real time" discount live on their site with the add to cart button.

2.There is a timer that counts down the discount until the discount is over.

3.The software automatically puts the price back to normal once the discount is over.

The Money Extractor Extra Features ...

1.It has a pre-discount image that you can delay for any amount of time that lets the visitors know they are about to receive a discount.

2.The pre-discount image also has a timer that counts down until it's time for the discount to begin.

3.You can control the font color of your timers and how much time you want to set them for.

4.You can also update the discount and normal price with hyperlinks on your site.

5.Choose from several different styles of templates in 6 different sizes to fit any website or blog themes.

Never before has any software done all of this in one package...So now you can set a discount price and a normal price and the software gives the code and you simply past that code onto any website or blog...

Product Name: Money Extractor
Product Website:
Product Creator: Bobby Walker
Launch Day: December 6th, 2010